Jessica White

Flourishing in Flow

Conscious Communication Coach – Workshop Facilitator & 1:1 Coaching

CFL Trust Treasurer

Jessica is passionate about the potential of NVC for the wellbeing of families and children. Deeply aware of the influence parents have on their children, creating an impact that can last their entire lives, she is in awe of the responsibility brought to being mother to her two young children. She also really loves holding space for women, excited by how NVC can support the practice of menstrual cycle awareness (MCA) and believes that when women gather in circle, “magic happens”.

Surfing, dancing and planting are three ways in which Jess loves to immerse in the beauty of living, weaving these practices into family life, in which the children educate themselves by life-learning, a form of home education.

Jess’ background is in yoga teaching and massage therapy, which she believes have helped shape her ability to embody the practice of NVC. She also facilitates FlowFest, a free-form dance experience for adults and children, near her home in Ahipara, Far North.

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