“I am blown away by how far my partner and I have come with this course. Our relationship has transformed, he is my best friend now! I have rebuilt trust with him. I am no longer defined by my past. Of course we all still carry some pain from what has happened, but the major shift is we are no longer compounding it, we are healing it! The way of life we had been leading for so many years had left many scars and a lot of fear and mistrust. Things don’t just magically disappear. The past needed to be properly acknowledged and worked through. This programme did just that. It has without a doubt given us the tools to stop the cycle of violence and changed ours and our children’s lives. We both sincerely hope other couples are given the amazing opportunity that we have had.”


NVC Course for Couples with History of Domestic Violence, Napier

“Jocelyn mediated a series of sessions between myself and the father of my first child after the situation between us became intensely stressful and aggressive. I found working with her incredibly valuable, and was impressed at her ability to stay connected to both our needs without “taking sides”. She was brilliant at helping us tease out the issues that we were dealing with, and throwing light on them in a way that allowed us to progress much faster than I would’ve expected. While the gentleness that one might first meet in Jocelyn was certainly a part of our sessions, she was also direct and challenging when this was required. This created a lovely balance for me in terms of my need for care, and also my need to deal with the real guts of things. In this way, I see Jocelyn as really committed to helping people face the juicy stuff that needs to be addressed for genuine change to take place.”


Mediation Client, Otaki

“I took an NVC taster course and ended up finding a few relevant things I could work on myself. Its not rocket science and when used properly, is an extremely effective and compassionate way of communicating. I find Jess’ teaching methods for someone who had no understanding of NVC to grasp it quick and even when I resorted back to my old grumpy ways, a quick refresh class with Jess was all I needed to get back in to it. Jess’ classes are highly recommended from a previous non believer!”


Business Owner & Dad of 2

“Jocelyn’s authenticity, lightness and humour are so inspiring. Her depth of understanding of NVC is very apparent and her ‘realness’ and regard really shine through.”


Foundation Course Participant, Hawkes Bay

“I recently attended a Non Violent Communication course run by Jocelyn Kennedy and have found the learning to help me really think about what I want to say and how to say it. This type of communication is appropriate for any relationship or communication between people, including myself! Amazing how the heat of conflict can be minimized, simply by using different words and acknowledging how the other person feels and their point of view. With a four year old daughter, I understand that one of the best gifts as parents we can give her, is effective communication, effective communication is the key to so many locks that hold us back, I now notice her using feeling words a lot more which as a parent makes it much easier to solve any issues. It also helps her to deal with frustration and anger more effectively by knowing what it is and acknowledging it. Like me she doesn’t always get what she wants, but the end result is so much more validating.”


Foundation Course Participant, Hastings

“Jocelyn came to our community at a time when we were deeply divided through a conflict we didn’t know how to resolve. She facilitated an NVC foundation course and mediation sessions with the whole group, individuals and small groups. The workshop showed us that our approach to conflict was seriously flawed and would continue to create division. Instead, Jocelyn was able to demonstrate very effectively how the NVC method for dealing with conflict allows you to not only better understand your own feelings and needs but also the feelings and needs of others. This new understanding created a space within our group to empathise with each other and to reconnect. It was the beginning of a much needed healing process for our community but most importantly it gave us the skills to avoid future conflicts spiralling out of control. I would recommend Jocelyn Kennedy as an NVC instructor to any group wanting to learn new and more effective ways to deal with conflict.”



“NVC has made a big difference in my life. It helps me cut through all the noise to figure out what is really going on and how to make life better. And Jess is the perfect facilitator: real, empathetic and passionate. I highly recommend Communication Training with Jess and can’t wait to see where it leads!” 


Teacher, Farmer & Mum of 3

“Jocelyn’s workshop helped me to get interested in what are the stories that I have about the person that I am upset with and also understand what might be going on for them. It also helps me to identify the needs that haven’t been met for both parties, and take things less personally.”


Early Childhood Coordinator, Far North REAP

“Hi Jocelyn, I just want to let you know how different [my husband] is, since his sessions with you. He is calmer, more present, much more able to hear what is being said without leaving the room, he listens to my feedback and responses more often, it has really been a very significant change. Thank you for your part in his changing!!”


Spouse of private client, Auckand

“I really rated doing the foundations NVC course, but the weekly practice session, facilitated by Jessica, has been a blessing to my week, which is often dominated by activities for my kids. With two littles in tow, I am able to fill my cup, practice the skills that help me be the mama and partner that I want to be, and connect with an amazing likeminded community. Thanks Jess, highly recommend.”


Empowerment Coach & Mum of 2

“We are now practicing NVC at home and have noticed positive changes. My partner and I now have a technique to use when we’re arguing, and it enables us to quickly arrive at a space of mutual understanding where we used to escalate our conflict and go around in circles. Using NVC with the children, I feel as if there’s been a marked increase in their cooperation and my understanding, and our house is a more harmonious place as a result.”


Participant in NVC Parenting course, Far North

“I have learned so much about myself and our family needs during the foundation course and the practice sessions, I feel more empowered and stronger In expressing what I need and want out of this life and I choose to practise this skill daily. Thank you dearly for sharing this wonderful knowledge with us all! Totally recommend Jessica’s teaching and the practice of NVC to all!”


Art teacher & Mum of 3

“My husband and I recently participated in numerous mediation sessions with Jocelyn Kennedy. Before meeting Jocelyn, my husband and I had tried various therapists, counsellors and psychologists. Jocelyn stood out immediately. She is so genuine and committed to helping people connect. We both felt comfortable with her straight away. Jocelyn is very real, present and vibrant. I am always surprised by her refreshing lack of judgement and her compassion. She has offered us a huge gift which has empowered us to be able to communicate through conflict in a way that is respectful of our own needs and each others needs.. Nonviolent communication through our work with Jocelyn has rekindled a curiosity about each other so that our relationship feels so much more alive and vibrant. Jocelyn has so much experience and so many skills when it comes to communication. In her mediation work, everything is kept fresh and in the moment. Jocelyn is a small woman with guts. Thank you Jocelyn for helping me to become more empowered in my life and my relationships.”


Far North

“High levels of stress can result from the lack of resources available for responding to high levels of client need.  Such stress can challenge people’s capacity to keep communicating with each other in compassionate ways.  NVC provides a shared understanding of what kinds of communication are appropriate and can build relationship, allowing people from all different roles in the organisation to communicate well in times of stress, and to be able to note any communications which are inappropriate before they escalate.   Having Jocelyn available as an independent facilitator when particular relationships get strained has also been really helpful – we trust Jocelyn’s skills and trust the model.  NVC has a proven track record for us, and its focus on compassion means that it sits comfortably with our value base.”

Kathryn McPhillips, Reg Clin Psych

Executive Director, Sexual Abuse HELP, Auckland

DOVE Hawkes Bay is a specialist agency working in the area of family violence. During Jocelyn’s time of working for us (2008-2010) she pioneered a couple’s course using NVC. This was prompted by requests from men and women who did the programmes separately and wanted to stay together. Jocelyn ran two courses and they proved highly successful with profoundly healing and connecting moments by the couples during the courses. These were highlighted by comments such as “I am blown away by how far my partner and I have come with this course”; “Our relationship has transformed, he is my best friend now! I have rebuilt trust with him.” A number of staff at DOVE Hawkes Bay have completed the NVC training and use aspects of it in their work with both victims and perpetrators of family violence with good effect. Its non-judgmental basis augers well when engaging with clients and the notion of unmet needs as the cause of negative emotions provides a pathway forward for changing behaviour.”


General Manager, DOVE Hawkes Bay
Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication (NVC) offers us ways to reconnect the most difficult disconnections – the disconnections that rupture relationships, the hurt that tears families apart, and the ‘disconnects’ that wreak havoc in workplaces. NVC skills equip us to bring joy and harmony back into our homes, our workplaces and into our community organisations. NVC teaches us how to connect and how to reconnect. 
Personally, I think the work Jocelyn is offering in her community should be a basic part of our education. We all know far more people who can read and write than can get along with people when there is conflict. 


Facilitator/Author, Thames

There should be more people like you. Kids are killing themselves because no one knows how to listen to each other.

16 Year old student

Workshop participant, Far North
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