There is a popular myth around intimate relationships that ‘love is enough’ to live happily ever after. However, most people’s track record in ‘love’ proves that this simply isn’t true. So often the high hopes and good will at the start of a relationship deteriorate into mediocrity, power struggles, resentment, jealousy, disappointment, feelings of entrapment and a sense of losing oneself. NVC can help you to become aware of the unhelpful patterns of thinking and communicating that you have been conditioned with and give you choice about how to relate from a conscious, connected place. Participating in a Communication for Life course is likely to enrich your intimate relationship by helping you: Enjoy more intimacy, fun and connection Express yourself confidently and clearly, without feeling guilty Restore the original spark in your relationship Resolve conflicts peacefully Support yourself and your partner to be honest and authentic For further information about Communication for Life courses for couples (same sex and heterosexual), see here. Coaching and mediation is also available for couples. It is strongly recommended to complete a Communication for Life course first, to get the most out of the experience.
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